My Blogging Story – Edublogs Club Wk 1

Hi all – glad to be part of the club. Looking forward to learning from fellow teachers and reading some great blog posts!

My experience blogging

My first blogging experience was part of my graduate school requirements. You can read my groundbreaking first post here. Since then, I have very infrequently maintained this blog primarily as a means to highlight lessons or projects from my classroom – basically a digital portfolio I suppose.

Do I read other blogs? What are my favorites? How do I keep up with them?

I have a number of blogs that I enjoy reading, but I don’t regularly do so (another goal for the new year…). I use feedly and Twitter lists to keep track of my favorites.

Here are some great bloggers that I recommend:


Kath Murdoch

I also love the resources at:



Cult of Pedagogy

What are your goals for the #EdublogsClub?

I would like to develop a habit of regular blogging. To do so I need to change my mental mindset about this blog. Historically, I have only posted a few times per year with classroom lessons or projects. I am hoping that the structure and support community of the #edublogsclub will help me to take it to the next level!


Thanks for stopping by, please comment with a link to your blog so I can return the favor!


6 thoughts on “My Blogging Story – Edublogs Club Wk 1

  1. Hi David

    Welcome to the Edublogs Club!

    Thanks for sharing links to some of your favorite blogs and resources. Some of the participants have asked for recommendations so this should help them.

    I think the weekly prompts will help change the mindset. A weekly post is manageable and having a prompt makes the task easier — you just need to decide how you want to adapt it to your needs.

    More importantly I’m hoping we can develop a community that supports and encourages each other.


    • Hi Sue – thanks for stopping by. I am looking forward to the weekly prompts. It is a manageable pace – but will be far more than I ever blogged previously. Time to stretch those blogging muscles I guess. It will be good to have a support group along the way.

  2. G’day David,
    Great to see you mention Paul Bogush. I visited him and his history class when I was travelling USA in 2010. He also was one of the original teachers who took part in the student blogging challenge I run twice each year.

    I feel having a weekly prompt will be great for getting us all into the habit of blogging regularly.

    Here is my post for the first week

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