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What is a PLN?

Growing your PLN (VIDEO)  Learn about PLNs from leading connected educators on Twitter.

Creating a PLN  Terrific resource that takes you step by step from defining a PLN, to using social media tools to build your own.

Building a PLN  Great list of resources with a menu template to help you get started today!

Using digital literacy and social media to build a PLN (VIDEO)  My video on how to build a PLN using Howard Rheingold’s five digital literacies.

Recommended reading  Personal Learning Networks: Using the Power of Connections to Transform Education


Using Twitter to build a PLN

My First Year on Twitter  A connected educator reflects about how Twitter has greatly improved his teaching.

Twitter for Teachers (VIDEO)  A short, non-technical tutorial to help you understand how Twitter can help develop a teaching PLN.

How to Use Twitter (Tweet, Retweet, Direct Messages, Lists) (VIDEO)  A more detailed tutorial on Twitter functionality. 

Key Twitter lingo

        • Tweet – a “tweet” is just the way to say you posted something on Twitter.
        • Follow – You can “follow” particular people on Twitter to keep updated on all of their posts.  It’s comparable to friending someone on Facebook.
        • @ – The “@” symbol always comes before someone’s Twitter name. If you want to “tag” someone in a tweet, or tweet something to a particular person you just put the @ symbol and their name. For example: “@davidwalp lead a great presentation today!”
        • Hashtag – a hashtag is a “#” followed by any series of words. You can use hashtags at the end of posts to categorize your post. Hashtags make it very easy to search for posts on particular topics.

Twitter Chats

The Power of Twitter Chats (VIDEO)  Learn about chats from leading educators on Twitter.

Hashtag “channels”  all hashtags are always open, meaning you can always post and view tweets to them. Many hashtags also host weekly moderated chats for real time discussion. Some of the most popular ones are listed below, but there are many other active channels as well.

A comprehensive guide to educational hashtags

#edchat – General hashtag for all educational topics. Chat meets Tuesday 12-1 EST and 7-8 EST.

#edtech – Focused on educational technology. #edtechchat meets Monday 8-9 EST.

#mathchat – Math. Chat meets Monday 3:30-5 EST and Thursday 7-8 EST.

#engchat – English. Chat meets Monday 7-8 EST.

#scichat – Science. Chat meets Tuesday 9-10 EST.

#sschat – Social studies. Chat meets Monday 7-8 EST.

#STEM – Science, technology, engineering, math. #STEMchat meets Tuesday 9-10 EST.

#artsed – Arts in education. Chat meets Thursday 7:30 – 8:30 EST.

#musedchat – Music. Chat meets Monday 8-9 EST.

#langchat – Foreign language. Chat meets Thursday 8-9 EST.

#tlap – Cross-curricular chat based on the best selling book Teach Like a Pirate. Chat meets Monday 9-10 EST.

#educoach – Educational/instructional coaches. Chat meets Wednesday 10-11 EST.

#plpnetwork – Professional development. Chat meets Sunday 8-9 EST.

#flipclass – Teachers using a “flipped” instructional approach. Chat meets Monday 8-9 EST.

#PBLchat – Problem based learning. Chat meets Tuesday 8-9 EST.

#ntchat – Supports new and pre-service teachers. Chat meets Wednesday 8-9 EST.

#cpchat – Connected principals. Always open, no regular chat time.

#gtchat – Gifted/Talented. Chat  meets Friday 12-1 EST and 7-8 EST.

#satchat – Saturday chat for general education topics. Meets Saturday 7:30-8:30 AM EST and 10:30-11:30 AM EST.

Educators to Follow  You will be able to see the value of Twitter quickly by following educators that regularly post useful links and tools that benefit your classrooms and professional development. Kickstart your experience by following the educators and groups below!

Just Tweet It!  Twitter user directory organized by category.

David Walp @davidwalp

Jerry Blumengarten @cybraryman1

Steven W Anderson @web20classroom

Tom Whitby @tomwhitby

Will Richardson @willrich45

Shelly S Terrell @ShellTerrell

Scott McLeod @mcleod

Vicki Phillips @drvickip

Shelly Blake-Plock @BlakePlock

Vicki Davis @coolcatteacher

Nicholas Provenzano @thenerdyteacher

David Andrade @daveandcori

Steve Wheeler @timbuckteeth

Kyle Pace @kylepace

Richard Byrne @rmbyrne

George Couros @gcouros

Dave Burgess @burgessdave

Kathy Schrock @kathyschrock

Tom Murray @thomascmurray

Rich Kiker @rkiker

Patrick Larkin @patrickmlarkin

Lyn Hilt @L_Hilt

Lisa Dabbs @teachingwthsoul

Edutopia @edutopia

Ed Tech K-12 Magazine @EdTech_K12

Huffington Post Education @HuffPostEdu

Education Week Teacher @EdWeekTeacher

Education Week @educationweek

edReformer @edreformer

Education Next @educationnext

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