It begins…


Today was the first day that I met with interested students that wanted to do something about modern day slavery.

As promised, I assured them that we were starting with a blank slate. Anything we do as group will have to be driven by their work…but they’ll have a lot of support and encouragement. Our principal is enthusiatically on board. The student council has already agreed to support whatever activities we develop. The guidance counselor has already sent me an article to share. It’s go time.

I created an Edmodo group to serve as a our rough draft area to post and explore links. I introduced them to Edmodo in the fall, so other than the requisite “I forgot my password” issues, it only took a few minutes to get up an running.

Once things got settled down, we had about 25 minutes to find resources and share to the Edmodo page. We are set to meet again next Wednesday, I asked them to take a few minutes in the next week to find and post some more links and/or comment on links already on the page. Basically, any students that ACTUALLY do that are self-identifying as the group leaders as far as I am concerned.

Edmodo is great, but we need share resources publicly as well, so I compiled their findings to a page.

That’s about it so far, but it feels good to get started. In future meetings, we’ll have to get more organized about doing targeted research and setting some goals. I expect the group to thin out a bit as we get to the “work” phase, but as long as we have a solid handful, we can get things done.


Comments and feedback welcome!